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Lights Of Euphoria
Altered Voices
Zero One Seven
Frame Of Mind
Return From The World´s End
Only Melodies Remain
Christoph Schaue
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      The New Division

      After two very successful albums ("Shadows" 2011 & "Together we shine" 2014), the US-based The New Division returns with their third, all new album their fantastic mixture of dark pop in the veins of Joy Division and New Order with electropop has quickly turned them into a very popular band both in the USA and in Europe. This special version of "Gemini" holds an additional four bonus tracks which are totally exclusive for this version and won’t be released anywhere else. “Gemini” is for sure the most complete and best work up-to-date and re-confirms the incredible talent of these Americans! The New Division began as a college dorm room project for songwriter John Kunkel back in 2005 when he began experimenting with synthesizers after being heavily influenced by the sounds of Joy Division, New Order and Depeche Mode. By the end of 2007, the one man project had transformed into a four piece. Both their previous albums have been extremely well received by media and fans alike. Expectations for ‘Gemini’ were high – and I can say that they are anything but disappointed! For fans of Mesh, De/Vision, Blume, Iris,Assemblage 23 and more.
      01 II
      02 Killer
      03 Gemini
      04 Senseless
      05 Iris
      06 Introspective
      07 I
      08 Alive
      09 Golden Winter Child
      10 Copycat
      11 Eyes
      12 Murder Shock
      13 Bloom
      European Edition Bonus tracks exclusive:
      14 Senseless (Future Unlimited Remix)
      15 Introspective (The Dossier Remix)
      16 Romantic
      17 Holy

    dkk 120/eur 16