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    "Age of the Disposable Body "

    Five years have passed until VLRK aka „Grendel“ did release his previous successor „Timewave Zero“. The album did reach position 1 in all relevant alternative charts and managed to get euphoric critics by the fans and critics. The main clubfeet „Timewave Zero“ with it’s outstanding massive video clip just managed to cross 1.000.000 view on youtube alone! Now „Grendel“ returns with „The age of the Disposable“ body to present another masterpiece! Ten new songs without any filling material! "Age of the Disposable Body“ again features massive clubhits („Dead Inside“, „Fall like Rome“, „Scorn“, „Severed Nations“) as well as melancholic „pop“ songs („Far Away“, „Flux“). An album which gives you goose bumps from the beginning to the end! It was worth the waiting!


    1. Magnum Opus (intro)
    2. Severed Nations
    3. Hex It
    4. Fall Like Rome
    5. Flux
    6. Far Away (feat. The.Invalid)
    7. AOTDB
    8. Scorn
    9. Dead Inside
    10. Zero Hour


    1. AOTDB (Noire Antidote remix)
    2. Severed Nations (Ludovico Technique remix)
    3. Flux (Assemblage 23 remix)
    4. Hex It (Sølve remix)
    5. Dead Inside (Shiv-R remix)
    6. Far Away (Panic Lift remix)
    7. AOTDB (The Ladder remix)
    8. Hex It (Spitmask remix)
    9. Fall Like Rome (Riot Kitten remix)
    10. Flux (Alpha Quadrant remix)
    11. Severed Nations (Plastic Noise Experience remix)
    12, Flux (Solar Fake Remix)
    13. Hex It (High Functioning Flesh remix)
    14. Far Away (Peter Turns Pirate remix)

dkk 120/eur 16