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      "Pictures To Listen To"

      This exclusive compilation album can normally only be purchased during special “METROLAND” expositions where attendants can experience how it is to look and listen to an image at the same time. These expositions are aptly called 'Pictures To Listen To'.

      In order to give a chance for die hard collectors to get their hands on this precious gem bound to become one of the most sought after METROLAND releases, the Belgian duo accepted giving us a very limited quantity of these carton sleeve CD’s for our own e-shop.

      METROLAND is one of the very few bands who carry out the trademark of creating conceptual albums. For their newest album 'Men In A Frame', METROLAND collaborated with 5 professional photographers of a cooperative named F-8 (pronounced as Faith).

      For this occasion METROLAND created a unique compilation for attendants so they can get acquainted with their synthetic works. This 16-track compilation entitled ‘Pictures To Listen To’ contains songs from the solid back catalogue that METROLAND has been building on over the past 5 years and comes with fitting artwork related to the 'Men In A Frame' album.

      Next to cult songs like 'The Passenger', 'Zeppelin', 'Mind The Gap' or 'Thalys', this compilation holds several tracks that did not yet appear on any sort of physical carrier.

      The most remarkable about this release is the exclusive theme song that METROLAND have created for their ’Pictures To Listen To’ expositions.


      01. Pictures To Listen To
      02. The Passenger
      03. Cube (Small)
      04. F-8
      05. Theme For Metroland (7inch Remix)
      06. Quo Vadis
      07. Thalys (London Edit)
      08. 3 Directors
      09. Enjoying The View (7inch Version)
      10. Ikone Der Moderne
      11. Synthetic Sound (Alternate 7inch)
      12. Zeppelin
      13. Shades Of Pale
      14. Utopia
      15. Man In A Frame (Re-framed)
      16. Mind The Gap

    dkk 120/eur 16