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      "Har Du Cancer?"

      Label: Hdcc
      Har Du Cancer? Is a brand new charity compilation compiled by Benjamin Kristiansen who is well known for the Swedish webzine called Synth.nu.
      The compilation offers us 16 tracks by Swedish and Danish acts. The 3 Danish acts are the shooting stars Neonsol who have contributed with the final version of their “Poisoned Land”. The kick ass formation Neotek with a track called “Rout” and one of the best newcomers in Denmark, Monospore with the track “Pick It Up”.
      Beside that the compilation is include great Swedish acts like Spark!, No Sleep By The Machine, Denormal, The Pain Machinery, Sadman, Autodafeh, Machinista, D-Tox and a few others. A good compilation for a bargain price where all sale goes directly to cancerfonden in Sweden. The compilation is very limited, so first to serve. Released with a cardboard cover.
      1- Doktor Glas & Assistenten-Har Du Cancer
      2- Monospore-Pick It Up
      3- Abscido-Virus
      4- No Sleep By The Machine-M.sa´Lsa
      5- Spark!- Man Överbord
      6- Machhinista-Pushing The Angels Astray
      7- Neonsol-Poisoned Land (Final Version)
      8- Neotek-Rout (Ringside Edit)
      9- Autodafeh-Act Of Faith
      10-Sadman-Great Lord
      11-Avskydd-De Andra
      12-The Pain Machinery-Running Red (Extended Mix)
      13-D-Tox-Machines Inc.
      14-Body Pleasure-Utanför (Minimal New Beat Edit)
      16-Tomaz -You Don´t Care That It Hurts