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Get The Balance Right
Die Selektion
Deine Stimme Ist Der Urspung..
Lucifer´s Aid
Human Rights
Geneviéve Pasquier
louche effect
Shutdown Exe (Vinyl)
Shutdown Exe
Electro Spectre
Been Too Long (Extended)
Various Artists
Dependence 2017
Iuvenis (limited vinyl)

      "Zero Soldier Army "

      Three and a half year after their latest album, leading German Dark Electro act Diorama return with their a brand new new album!
      From the explosive opening track ZSA to the almost surreal album closer Stay Undecided, Diorama celebrate their unique mixture of Dark Electro, Indie and Progressive! “The Songs have been written in these our hard times of more and more intricated global crisis and the ever growing raise of fanatic nationalism and other insane incidents of certain human minds. We intended to oppose a ‘term’ to the increasing bewilderment / the imminent fiasco of human civivilization we all seem to precipitate towards… a term that would express at the same time our incapacity to defend ourselves and our will to fight for what our civilization has reached over the past centuries – the ZERO SOLDIER ARMY” explains Diorama mastermind Torben Wendt. ‘We have no weapons. But we have LOVE, FREEDOM and MUSIC. And GIN!” “When we produced ZERO SOLDIER ARMY, we first of all re-discovered our love for powerful Electronic sound and further developed it. Harder and straighter as on recent albums, but with that specific feel for melancholy as always. The album turned out to be 100% Diorama!”
      The artwork for the CD has been conceived together with Stefan Alt (ant-zen) and offers – apart from very atmospheric images by Leipzig-based photographic artist ‘Propeller’ – a booklet-sized template with punched band-logo as exclusive collector’s item!

      01 ZSA 02 Off 03 Defcon 04 Beta 05 Smolik 06 & 07 Polaroids 08 Reality Show 09 Amnesia Club 10 Comfort Zone 11 Nebulus 12 Stay undecided