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    "We Love You (Vinyl)"

    Back in stock for a bargain price! A CD & a double Vinyl!
    For Combichrist to name their album We Love You, it’d be easy to think the band has abandoned their sonic assault for something softer, fluffier and less bloody. Knowing Combichrist, though, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With their trademark body-pummeling beats and vitriolic vocals intact, Combichrist’s latest full-length album digs deeper into the abyss and delivers 13 tracks of relentless aggression and manic electronica. From the stuttering thump of “Every Day Is War” to the choking-on- glass/buzz-saw aggression of “Satan’s Propaganda” to the breakneck punk metal of “Love Is A Razorblade”, We Love You leaves you gasping for breath.

    "We Love You"
    01.We Were Made To Love You
    02.Every Day Is War
    03.Can't Control
    04.Satans Propaganda
    05.Maggots At The Party
    07.The Evil In Me
    08.Fuck Unicorns
    09.Love Is A Razorblade
    10.From My Cold Dead Hands
    11.We Rule The World Motherfuckers
    12.Retreat Hell Part 1
    13.Retreat Hell Part 2

    "The Art Of Riots"
    1. The Plan
    2. Confrontation
    3. Skull Breaker
    4. Riot Station
    5. Norwega
    6. The King Has Spoken

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