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      "Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen"

      Label: Grnland Records (2018)

      With "Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen", the second album of the German-American Friendship aka DAF, originally released in June 1980 on Mute Records, the band celebrated their international breakthrough. At the time DAF consisted of four musicians: Chrislo Haas (synths, tape, saxophone), later member of Liaisons Dangereuses and Crime & The City Solution, Wolfgang Spelmanns (guitar, synths), Robert Görl (drums, vocals) and Gabi Delgado ( lead vocals). The first 8 tracks of the album were produced by Conny Plank in his legendary studio near Cologne, the other 11 tracks were all recorded live in the London Electric Ballroom and later remixed by Conny Plank.
      "Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen" includes the classics "East Worth the Longest", "Co Co Pino" and "Night Work", while the live performances were all pure, style-setting electro-punk. The coverartwork was designed by Robert Görl, Frank Fenstermacher (Der Plan) and Simone Grant. The typography of the inside pocket was designed by Christina Schnekenburger.

      1. Osten Währt Am Längsten
      2. Essen Dann Schlafen
      3. Co Co Pino
      4. Kinderfunk
      5. Nacht Arbeit
      6. Ich Gebe Dir Ein Stück Von Mir
      7. De Panne
      8. Gewalt
      9. Gib's Mir
      10. Auf Wiedersehen
      11. Das Ist Liebe
      12. Was Ist Eine Welle
      13. Anzufassen Und Anzufassen
      14. Volkstanz
      15. Die Lustigen Stiefel
      16. Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen
      17. Die Fesche Lola
      18. El Basilon
      19. Y La Gracia

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