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    The Young Gods
    "Super Ready/Fragmente "

    Label: Two Gentlemen (2020)

    The twelve compositions of Super Ready/Fragmenté are of a pure sonic power. From the nasty rock song “I’m the Drug” or “Freeze”, to the abstract “C’est quoi c’est ca”, the playful
    “El Magnifico”, the psychedelic and moving “Stay with Us”, “Super Ready/Fragmenté”, The Young Gods have delivered a great album inhabited by Franz Treichler’s clearer, warmer and more powerful voice.
    That being said, words are, as always, of paramount importance to the Gods. With the political and poetic “About time”, the group rises up against fear as a market value. Fear is a very current signature of today’s world, recalls Franz Treichler. How many politicians get elected by selling fear by the kilo? Or describes, in detail, the relationship between the couple and the imaginary “Everythere”.
    "Super Ready/Fragmenté" is one of those major albums that, behind a palpable sense of urgency and insecurity, is revealed and discovered through poisonous, disturbing and passionate listening.

    A1 Im the Drug A2 Freeze A3 C’est quoi c’est ca
    B1 El Magnifico B2 Stay with Us B3 About Time B4 Machine Arrière
    C1 The Color Code C2 Super Ready / Fragmenté
    D1 Secret D2 Everythere D3 Un Point c’est tout

dkk 150/eur 20