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This Morn Omina
The Roots of Saraswati
Absolute Body Control
A New Dawn
Absolute Body Control
A New Dawn
Front 242
USA Live 1991
Fledermavs 303 - copy
Qual (Lebanon Hanover)
Tenebris In Lux
Voyna (Golden Apes)
The Cinvat Bridge
Vomito Negro
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      Vomito Negro
      "Entitled "

      Label: Mecanica Records (2021)

      The "Entitled" album contains unreleased Vomito Negro works from the very early years. A real ‘treat’ for all fans of this legendary, Belgian electro pioneers!
      All 8 tracks have been re-arranged, re-recorded and re-mastered. A limited VINYL edition will be out on Mecanica around mid-april. Details will follow soon
      01 Ongoing Patterns 02 In Strikt Tempo 03 Something must break 04 Black Point 05 Blood Fever 06 Weak 07 Murk 08 23 Days

    dkk 180/eur 24