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KIrlian Camera
Hologram Moon
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    Label: Nyx Records (2014)
    Preverse is a new band from the leadsinger of Straftanz and the debut album Obstacles is produced by Kristian from the famous German band called Rothersand. Preverse is a mixture of Synth/Future Pop and some EBM. If you get up now you`re already aware of the fact that will to fly again and fall again, because for you there`s no other way. Whatever will be, it`s not what you want in the end. If you`re not afraid anymore of finally crashing down and failing, when you`re looking forward to it, you`re exactly where we`ve been expecting you. You will fail again, but more sophisticated. We`re the transit, we are Preverse. Include a remix by Rotersand.

dkk 50/eur 7