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    "Lumineux Noir"

    “Lumineux Noir”, the third album from Female-Electro-Pop-duo Marsheaux now finally finds its way to vinyl. The album is released as a limited blue double vinyl (3 sides of music, 1 side etched with the cover art) in a lavish gatefold sleeve.

    Sporting hits like “Breakthrough”, “Ghosts” or “Summer” one their much-lauded third album, Marsheaux firmly cemented their importance in the Electro-Pop-scene. Tight beats, straightforward minimalism, strong yet playful melodies and the mesmerizing vocals duets of Sophie and Marianthi infuse the charming Pop tunes with an unmistakable and irresistible touch. And, due to its strong retro-modern-early-Eighties feel, the music of Marsheaux also feels like tailor-made for the “black gold.” Now, the electronic prowess of the duo finally comes to vinyl! The vinyl edition also contains a download code for a one-time download of the album as MP3.

    A1 Exit 4:06
    A2 Breakthrough 4:07
    A3 Summer 3:57
    A4 Stand By 4:18
    A5 Radial Emotion 4:02

    B1 Loss Of Heaven 4:22
    B2 Destroy Me 4:31
    B3 Faith 4:05
    B4 Ghosts 4:13

    C1 It's Fine Now 4:49
    C2 Thousand LEDs 4:13
    C3 So Far 4:33
    C4 Sorrow 4:17

dkk 200/eur 26