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    Agent Side Grinder
    "Rema/X "

    After 2019's highly appraised “A/X”, Swedish electronic blast furnace Agent Side Grinder have turned to outside perspectives, resulting in the remix compilation “REMA/X”, featuring reworks from several esteemed names within the darkwave, post-punk and experimental music scenes.

    From real club driven remixes such as Italian Ash Code´s version of "Inner Noises" to Swedish electro-folk duo Siri Karlssons adventurous epic “Wounded Star”.

    The album also holds the brilliant new track "The Archives". A dark and claustrophobic ballad, written during the “A/X” sessions, that draws on the album’s cold war atmosphere. "The Archives" is exclusive to "REMA/X".

    With "REMA/X" the fans of Agent Side Grinder will have something to ease their hunger during 2020 while the band is working/writing brand new material.
    01. Inner Noises - Ash Code Remix
    02. In From The Cold - Antipole ft. Paris Alexander Remix
    03. Allisin Sane (No.2) - Adsol Remix
    04. Stripdown - Tobias Bernstrup Remix
    05. Decompression - Delphine Coma Remix
    06. Wounded Star - Siri Karlsson Remix
    07. Doppelgänger - Luminance Remix
    08. MM/CM - Hidden Operator´s Voodoo Dub Mix
    09. The Great Collapse - Buzz Kull Remix
    10. The Archives - Agent Side Grinder (A/X Outtake)
    11. Döden På Lätt Svenska - Diskoteket (Wounded Star Alt. Version)
    12. Stripdown - She Pleasures Herself Remix
    13. Doppelgänger - Kiss Of The Whip Remix

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