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    "Beat Cancer Tour 2018"

    Label: DWA (2018)

    It has again been a while since we put out any kind of compilation, so without further delay here are the full details of the DWA-sponsored Beat:Cancer Tour 2018 album: a 14-track feast. Featuring contributions (in some shape or form, be that original track or remix) from no fewer than 19 assorted artists – including Beat: Cancer Summer and Winter Tour headliners Freakangel, Neonsol, Sirus, Iszoloscope, Xenturion Prime, opening acts Cease2xist, Room 1985, Advance, Method Cell plus many many more!

    Brainchild of Beat:Cancer organizer Mark Haigh, mastered by Gary Walker of Defeat, with artwork from DWA’s own lead designer Vlad McNeally, and with music made up almost entirely of previously unreleased exclusive tracks or versions of tracks, including such highlights as Hocico remixing Neonsol and Xenturion Prime remixing Grendel, this has to be a serious contender for “scene compilation of the year” and a must-have…not to mention that with DWA covering the manufacturing and distribution costs, every penny apart from shipping and payment processing costs will be going directly to the worthy cause of wiping out cancer.

    1. Vieon - High Concept 05:40
    2. Grendel - Flux (Remix by Xenturion Prime) 07:24
    3. Freakangel - Giving Up The Ghost (Remix by Nature Of Wires) 04:14
    4. Advance - Inside My Head 08:35
    5. Method Cell - Drop Dead (Replica) 05:35
    6. Neonsol - Manipulation (Hocico Remix) 04:44
    7. Petrol Heroes - You'll Never Take My Swag (B:C 2018 Djonk Remix) 03:58
    8. SIRUS - Nerve Agent (B:C Edit) 04:34
    9. BeinE - Control (Binary 9 Remix) 06:02
    10.Iszoloscope - Spirit Intrusion (Oblique Mix) 04:18
    11.Cease2xist - Make The World A Bitter Place (B:C 2018 Mix) 05:21
    12.Room 1985 - Attention Seeker feat. Aisa 04:27
    13.Drakenwerks - WSMI (B:C 2018 Remix by D.E.P) 03:59
    14.D.E.P. - Close To Me (B:C 2018 Rework) 03:49
    15.Rise of the Worldbreaker (remix by Room 1985) 06:01

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