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      Die Sektor
      "Applied Structure in a Void"

      For fans of enigmatic American electro-industrial like Psyclon Nine outfit Die Sektor, it has been a long 4 year wait since the release of their impressive debut in 2006. “Applied Structure In A Void” is the eagerly-anticipated follow-up: and the first material to feature the return of original member Daniel Gant and new member Edwin Alter, joining forces with core members Scott Denman and Alan Smith. Mastered by world-renowned sound engineer Brian “Big Bass” Gardner (Dr.Dre, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails), the album is a diverse, powerful and accomplished piece that reflects the years of work spent crafting it. Retaining the epic song-structures familiar from the debut, also the new album marks a new maturity in the development of sound – placing less emphasis on distorted vocals and EBM beats in favour of more thoughtful (even experimental) arrangements that incorporate elements from a wide spectrum of musical genres.
      With “Applied Structure In A Void”, as ever, Die Sektor continue to adhere to their declared aim of pro-ducing “powerful, emotional and innovative electronic music”.

    dkk 120/eur 16