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The Fall Of Man
Silent Soldiers
The Present Moment
Veil Of Light
Pleasure Symbols
Closer And Closer Apart
Agent Side Grinder
Agent Side Grinder
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      "Fallen" is the second album from Georg Psaroudakis, aka
      Cygnosic - a close associate of fellow Greek dark electro outfit
      Siva Six. Produced and mastered by Siva Six own Herr Khaos, "Fallen" is the follow-up to the critically praised "A Deity inPain", and features both the current digital single "One Step Forward" and "As We Approach the End" (previously available on the 2011 Alfa Matrix compilation "Electronic Body Matrix").
      In addition to the ten album tracks, "Fallen" is enhanced with no fewer than six remixes - from the likes of such major international harsh EBM names as´X-Fusion, C-Lekktor, Alien Vampires, Preemptive Strike 0.1 and Siva Six themselves, plus an outstanding club mix from Greek DJ Liquix! Performing live as a trio û with Vincent (Hydra Vision V) and Stav (Technolorgy) on live keyboards - Cygnosic have played numerous shows alongside fellow Greek dark scene acts like Siva Six and Preemptive Strike 0.1. Although still a relatively new act, Cygnosic have already made remixes for bands like Wynardtage, Alien Vampires, Siva Six and Reaxion Guerrilla.
      The first limited edition of the album will be packaged as a six-panel digipak. Japanese Import!

    dkk 120/eur 16