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Renard (Wolfsheim)
Waking Up In A Different World
Of The Wand & The Moon
Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness
Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
The Missing Fragments
Thin Skies
Thin Skies
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      Label: Lśbel (2018)

      Electro meets industrial meets Leֲ√¶ther Strip meets Mirland meets Am Tierpark!

      A new take on dark electronic music from John R. Mirland and Claus Larsen The constellation of John R. Mirland (Mirland, Holm/Mirland) and Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip, Klutæ) is usually known for the highly acclaimed work as Electropop duo Am Tierpark. This time they are out to claim new territory as Mirland/Larsen presents "Disturbia" - a collection of intense, high octane aggressive, dark and yet harmonic tracks inspired by personal frustration, pain and a world quickly going to Hell. Limited to 300 copies.

      01 Memories 02 And they sing about Anger 03 Hurt Machine 04 Their World 05 Berlin Bill 06 Empty Eyes 07 Death Mask 08 Destroy Everything 09 Insomnia 10 Disturbia.

    dkk 120/eur 16