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This Morn Omina
The Roots of Saraswati
Absolute Body Control
A New Dawn
Absolute Body Control
A New Dawn
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USA Live 1991
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    Seven Trees

    Seven Trees are finally back with a brand new full length album. Their debut "Embracing The Unknown" came out already in 1997 to be followed by the EP "Trauma Toxicity" in 2017. The music of this Swedish duo could best be described as dark/haunting/atmospheric industrial filled with a more emotional touch. Imagine a more emotional The Klinik and you should be pretty close on target. With "Dead/End" they prove that they are ready to once again claim the title of one of the most interesting bands from Sweden. The perfect soundtrack to a compact darkness.
    01. Veins Of Charcoal
    02. Pure Sedation
    03. End Of The Line
    04. Game Over
    05. Phased Out
    06. Valium Dreams
    07. Dystopic Illusions
    08. Final Program
    09. Dead/End

dkk 120/eur 16