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    Twin Tribes
    "Ceremony "

    Label: Manic Depression Records (2019)

    October 28th 2019 Brownsville, TX Post-Punk/Darkwave artists Twin Tribes announce the release of their highly anticipated new album Ceremony.
    Following up on their critically acclaimed debut Shadows, Twin Tribes announce the release of their new album Ceremony. Twin Tribes has spent a majority of the past year touring the United States and playing with genre prolific artists She Past Away, Actors, Kaelan Mikla, Ash Code and many more. They have established themselves as one of the best up and coming young artists within the scene today.
    Twin Tribes now set their sights on their sophomore album Ceremony . Their debut album Shadows, was steeped in darker, occult themed lyrical inspirations. Ceremony is a change of pace for Twin Tribes, focusing on love, loss, pain, life, death and influenced by personal events in the duo's life. Ceremony will be released December 13th on Negative Gain (North America), Manic Depression Records (France), and Young & Cold Records (Germany)
    1. Exilio
    2. Heart and Feather
    3. The River
    4. Avalon
    5. Obsidian
    6. Fantasmas
    7. VII
    8. Upir
    9. Perdidos
    10. Shrine

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