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    "A Storm Is Coming "

    “A Storm Is Coming” – isn’t that true every time HANDS releases a Greyhound album? Surely you can trust the project’s many years of experience in the sector of hard-hitting rhythm’n’noise, whereas their two preceding success albums have also revealed a knack for enhancing their characteristically unforgiving sound to cover new grounds. On this album, it’s a deep breath of darkness that comes with the 15-track-storm, a menacing account of failed relationships.

    Greyhound start off with “Burning Bridges” – and surely they have never ventured that far into using an (almost) melody. And besides, the opener sets a pattern for the entire album: Rather than creating an impermeable, monolithic wall of sound, it works in a duality of versatile, diligently programmed kicks and rhythms set against clearly discernible dark and noisy backgrounds. As a result, the focus shifts from mechanized brutality to emotional distress.

    Of course, there’s food for clubs on the way, like the instantly addictive title track, as well as said rhythmic diversity, from straight impact (“Escape”, “Like a Kick in the face”) over shuffled beats (“Mask”) to tribal flavours (“Principle”). Electro flavour and vocal fragments are to be found in “All is Complicated“, “Your Eyes Say Otherwise“, “Like A Kick“ and a swelling dark ambience coming to the fore as the album progresses. And that’s where the circle is closing: Greyhound have convincingly combined their brand rhythm’n’noise with a storyline of deceit and inner struggle, of ways to escape deep disappointment. Take shelter – a storm is coming!
    01 Burning Bridges 02 Escape 03 A Storm is coming 04 All complicated 05 Like a Kick in the Face 06 Mask 07 We like to suffer 08 Endless Search 09 Finally let go
    10 Your Eyes say Otherwise 11 What you say and what you mean 12 Hope dies last
    13 Principle 14 Shadows merging 15 One Step forward

dkk 120/eur 16