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Make Shift Splint
Requiem For The Hyperreal
Rabia Sorda
The World Ends Today
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Let Them Be Alien
Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien
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Suicide Commando
Death Will Find Us
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      Red Cell
      "Lead Or Follow"

      After the amazing debut CD "Hybrid Society" which was released in September 2005 is Red Cell finally back. This album proves Red Cell has evolved in a big way. If the debut album was more based around crossover /electro metal this new release is 100% electronic, emotional, danceable, catchy with a fantastic production. Yet still without loosing that last agressive edge. Songs like Shine, Broken Smile, Silent Noise, No Soul Control etc. are all potential world dancefloor-hits. Of course it also includes the praised track "Lust. This is an album with no weak songs, no fillers....

    dkk 120/eur 16