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      Ash Code

      Label: Swiss Dark Nights (2021)

      First ALL NEW Studio-material from ASH CODE, since their so far latest top selling album ‘Perspektive’, released in May 2018!
      The all new ‘Fear’ mini-album not only includes 3 brand new songs, but also 3 outstanding remixes of the title track by post-punk sensation Molchat Doma from Belarus, legendary 80s heroes Clan of Xymox, and one the best new darkwave acts around: Forever Grey from the U.S.A. (Young & Cold Records).
      The global pandemic has muddled up all the plans Ash Code had for 2020, including the cancellation of countless European gigs and a second tour in the US and South America.
      A new and almost finished Album was trashed, because it didn’t fit with the reality of the moment. The band experienced the negative mood of the lockdown months, stayed home mostly, and creating a series of online charity initiatives: the first made at home, with great feedbacks, and then later with a series of online festivals gathering all the bands from the international darkwave / goth scene, called Gothicat Festivals.
      After spending the summer in Naples(South of Italy), the band established a new connection with the place they live in and found inspiration again to write new songs. Expect much more to come from ASH CODE this year!
      A1 Fear A2 Indifference A3 Cross the Waters
      B1 Fear (Clan Of Xymox Remix) B2 Fear (Molchat Doma Remix) B3 Fear (Forever Grey Remix)

    dkk 130/eur 17