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      The Beauty Of Gemina
      "Minor Sun"

      Label: Tbog Music (2016)

      The album “Minor Sun” is a sort of the project’s 10-years birthday present, dedicated first and foremost to the band’s most loyal fans, who have been eagerly awaiting its release. The pre-released single “Crossroads” - the album’s only cover version – was viewed over 210,000 times in just four weeks. This is a truly impressive figure that speaks to the building anticipation amongst fans. Those looking to classify THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA, might choose “Dark Wave,” a genre characterised as dark, forlorn, lamenting yet longing. “That’s probably not far off. It’s an apt description of the scene in which our music has struck a chord and the types of large festivals we play in Europe,” agreed Michael Sele, before finishing his thought with a wink. “It fits perfectly to the ‘little’ sun in minor key that we radiate. Because we’re not all that dark, in fact musically we’re quite bright and colourful. We tackle societal and contemporary topics as a modern band, melding soundscape and lyrics into a cohesive ensemble.” With a proven track record of success! But are such categories even necessary? Do we need to assign music to one group or another? Probably not. Music, after all, is for listening. It invites you to descend and immerse yourself in emotion and to float back to the surface when ready. Music is what we need it to be in a given moment, and the most important thing is that it is moving without leaving you behind. THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA’s new album “Minor Sun” is guaranteed not to leave you hanging!
      01 End
      02 Waiting in the Forest
      03 Bitter sweet Good-Bye
      04 Endless Time to see
      05 Close to the Fire
      06 Crossroads
      07 Down on the Lane
      08 A Thousand Lakes
      09 Wonders
      10 Another Death
      11 Wednesday Radio
      12 Winter Song
      13 Silent Land

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