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Neon EP
The Frozen Autumn
The Fellow Traveller
The Devil & The Universe
Folk Horror
Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig
Xenturion Prime
Humanity Plus
Noyce TM
Love Ends
In The Nursery
Mono No Aware
Orange Sector


      Label: Emmo Biz (2012)
      A double CD, containing the earliest (Zoth Ommog) period by Klutæ(Excluded, Explicit, Excel) the harder brother of Leæther Strip. Claus Larsen in his own words:

      "Dear Electro Punks! Together with my friends and business partners at Emmo.biz Records we release a 2CD. It contains some new songs, a remake, a remix, a rare one plus all the 90s Klute (before I added the Æ) songs, fully re-mastered by some big hairy bear punk who knows how this shit should sound. Get it while you can. This album is dedicated to all the electro punks out there who followed my music through the years. May your ears bleed! Hugs, Claus"

      Disc 1:-
      01. Executed
      02. Draped Despairs
      03. The Hurt Has Begun
      04. I Wanna F*ck Now 2012
      05. Idea Design Plan = Produce (Remix)
      06. Desert Storm (Technopolis version)
      07. Nothing to Hide
      08. No Remorse
      09. Desert Storm
      10. We Are the Hunted
      11. Hey f*ck Da' World
      12. Loser User

      Disc 2:-
      01. Tequila Slammer
      02. Nose Candy
      03. I Wanna' F*ck Now
      04. Shotgun Blues
      05. No Man's Land
      06. Me, Myself and No One Else
      07. Cutthroat
      08. Run
      09. I'll Never Be Your Slave
      10. Guilty
      11. Incest

    dkk 120/eur 16