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She Past Away
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    Pleasure Symbols
    "Closer And Closer Apart "

    Label: Avant! (2019)

    Australian band Pleasure Symbols enter a new phase in 2019, physically and stylistically with the forthcoming release of their first full length record Closer and Closer Apart.
    Three years have passed since the release of their debut, self-titled EP through Avant!. The time away being a necessary moment of reflection and regeneration for singer, songwriter and bassist Jasmine Dunn. Joined by fellow musician Steven Schnorrer, the duo began the push towards a more 80’s inspired post-punk sound with a ‘pop noir’ twist.
    Deciding to record and produce the album themselves, gave the freedom to take time to grow and explore their new direction as a song writing duo.
    Despite current trends in popular music, Pleasure Symbols continues to focus on a more guitar based post punk, dream-pop sound, while slowly diverging from a previous minimal wave, synth based musical output.
    With themes of desire for desires sake and self confrontation, the new musical direction may seem initially harrowing, but look closer and you will see vulnerability and tenderness triumph over the struggle of the human experience.

    Closer And Closer Apart is out May 24 on black vinyl LP.
    Comes in printed innerlseeve.
    A1 Endless
    A2 Dissociation
    A3 Image Reflected
    A4 Heavy Breathing
    B1 Chain of Love
    B2 Death and Between
    B3 Autonomy
    B4 Swallow Whole

dkk 150/eur 20