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      "VIII "

      Label: Drakkar Records (2018)

      Praised by both critics & the public alike, Qntal has masterfully blended medieval melodies, languages, & instruments with elements of modern electronic music. Over the span of two decades & seven albums, the band has become one of the most popular in the medieval music scene. Qntal's unique electro-medieval style is on stunning display with the captivating, beautiful new album VIII - Nachtblume.
      01. Nachtblume
      02. Die finstere Nacht
      03. Music On The Waters
      04. Monteclair
      05. Echo
      06. Parliament of Fowles
      07. Chint
      08. Before The World Was Made
      09. O Fortuna
      10. Minnelied
      11. Sumervar
      12. A Chantar

    dkk 120/eur 16