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Make Shift Splint
Requiem For The Hyperreal
Rabia Sorda
The World Ends Today
Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien
Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien
Ash Code
Suicide Commando
Death Will Find Us
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      Label: aufnahme + wiedergabe.

      Tempers are a New York city not-Goth duo of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper. Fortunately not-goth sounds, but like cold wave with a bit of synthpop. Singer Jasmine vocals switch from low and smoky to exploding rock ballad mode at the change of a verse. the music is surprisingly upbeat, imagine happy Joy Division with more synths. Nothing dominates, but it all comes together, particularly the synth poppier songs to just make you want to move to the music. limited edition of 300 copies, white vinyl. w/ download code.

    dkk 150/eur 20