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The Spell Of The Spider
Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
Die Form
Baroque Equinox
The Devil & The Universe
Walpern Redux (Vinyl)
Patenbrigade Wolff
Der Brigadier trinkt immer noch Bier!
Lionhearts (Seabound)
Funker Vogt
Code Of Conduct
Savage Sinusoid


      Label: Pro Noize (2009)
      Phosgore is a one-man project founded in 2008 by Flo Dietz. Phosgore lacks dark romantic song texts and multi-coloured plastic hair-sporting singers, and there are no bats flying out of anyone's ass. Industrial, electro and hardstyle elements form some of the most unrelenting tracks of today's dark music scene. This is uncompromising music for an uncompromising audience. Now, the time of waiting is over, as the debut album "Domination" has arrived – twelve original Phosgore tracks, each one thumping like a jackhammer on steroids, plus five remixes by some of the biggest names of the business: Xotox, SAM, FabrikC, and, as a premiere, [X]-RX.