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      Whispering Sons
      "Image "

      Label: Smile Records (2018)

      Brussels based post-punk outfit Whispering Sons is set to release their long awaited debut album ‘Image’. The record, produced by Micha Volders and mixed by Bert Libeert, is the band’s first major release since their incredibly successful EP ‘Endless Party’ in 2015, originally released by Wool E-Tape, and re-released several times (and always sold out FAST) on Daft Records and Minimal Maximal!
      The songs on the album were written after the band collectively moved to Brussels in 2016. In between periods of intense touring, they worked hard to translate their new perspectives into their first full album. Feeding on the dynamics of the city, the tracks unveil feelings of alienation and distance.
      'Image' is a motionless state, in which observations overshadow actions. It reflects the artificiality of things, yet still desperately clings on to ideals and obsessions, something which is also streng- thened by the cover artwork of Flor Maesen.
      In 2016, the band won Humo's Rock Rally, one of Belgium's most prestigious national contests that boosted the career of upcoming artists such as dEUS, halfway through the nineties.
      After that, Whispering Sons has been touring Belgium and Europe extensively, establishing a strong live reputation.

      01 Stalemate 02 Got a Light 03 Alone 04 Skin 05 No Time
      06 Fragments 07 Hollow 08 Waste 09 Dense 10 No Image

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