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Black Nail Cabaret
Gods Verging On Sanity
Black Nail Cabaret
Gods Verging On Sanity
Einstürzende Neubauten
Alles In Allem
Einstürzende Neubauten
Alles In Allem
Fierce Remixes And More
She Hates Emotions
Melancholic Maniac
This Fog Never Ends
This Fog Never Ends
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      Orange Sector

      After their impressive comeback in 2005 with a first „best of“ album release entitled „Here we are (back again)“, the second decade in the Orange Sector history did start. Together with co-producer Tim Ruschmeyer and lots of rented equipment the band recorded new albums such as „Bassprodukt“, „Profound“ & „Mindfuck“. They did not reinvent themselves but continued the way they once stopped back in the days. In 2010 they started a great work relationship with Hannover based „Wellencocktail“ studios. Their new songs are constantly to be found in the clubs and alternative charts all around the world.

      „Endzeit“ is now a sort of "BEST OF“ of their 2nd decade. All songs of CD 1 have been re-recorded and „pimped“ to conquer the floors even more, while CD 2 is a collection of great remixes by other artists and the band itself. As bonus a great cover version of the Depeche Mode classic „Pleasure, little treasure“ and „Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen“, a song „dedicated“ to Hannover mass murder „Fritz Haamann“ are included. With „Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen“ the band covers a dark era in the history of german city Hannover. „25 years, a quarter of a century sounds long but doesn’t feel like this“ says Martin Bodewell, „we could have easily just compiled the „old“ songs but want dot deliver something fresh and special to our fans!
      CD 1
      01 Tanzbefehl
      02 Dynamit
      03 R.I.P.
      04 Untertage
      05 Krieg und Frieden
      06 Endzeit
      07 I Hate You
      08 Der Maschinist
      09 Geile Zeit
      10 Glasmensch
      11 Monoton
      12 Terroristen
      13 Farben
      14 Pleasure, Little Treasure
      15 Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen
      16 Das letzte Lied

      01 Monoton (NZ Remix)
      02 Glasmensch (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)
      03 Der Maschinist (Angstfabrikk Remix)
      04 Krieg und Frieden (AD/Key Remix)
      05 Geile Zeit (Frontal Remix)
      06 Götter (Zweite Jugend Remix)
      07 I Hate Oyu (Fucking Noise Mix)
      08 Touch (Club Mix)
      09 Endzeit (Wellencocktail Remix)
      10 Sturm (Martin Bodewell Remix)
      11 Terroristen (Dominatrix Remix)
      12 Untertage (Ionic Vision Remix)
      13 Im Stahlwerk (NordarR Remix)
      14 Farben (Blitzmaschine Remix)
      15 Tanzbefehl (Run Level Zero Remix)
      16 Pleasure, Little Treasure (Alternative Bass Remix)
      17 Das Letzte Lied (Lars Timm Felker Remix)

    dkk 120/eur 16