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      Solar Fake
      "Another Manic Episode"

      The popular Berlin-based Melodic-Electro-group Solar Fake is releasing their eagerly awaited album number 4. “Another Manic Episode” will also be available as a deluxe double CD (incl. bonus mini-album) and as a limited fan box. On the new long player, Sven Friedrich's (of Zeraphine and Dreadful Shadows fame) highly successful Electro-project is embarking on an intense tightrope walk between massive club-power (… without fear of trailing off into harder territories), anthemic Pop-qualities and intense emotional moments. Friedrich helms the band with his trademark charismatic voice, which safely steers the listener through a quite diverse spectrum of emotions, ranging from raw anger to soothing emotionality, all of which make up an essential part of “Another Manic Episode.” Floor filler anthems like the advance single “All The Things You Say” or the forceful “Fake To Be Alive”, stand side by side with raw club-powerhouses like “Not What I Wanted” or “The Race Of The Rats” and mesmerizingly emotional ballads like the gripping “Stay”, giving the new Solar-Fake-album a level of diversity and deepness that many releases in the Electro-genre are sorely missing. “Another Manic Episode” is also released as a deluxe double disc version featuring a bonus mini album and as a strictly limited fan box, which contains a third disc of gripping piano versions of songs from the new album, plus the following assortment of exclusive goodies: a pair of fingerless gloves, lavishly embroidered with the Solar-Fake-logo, a sticker, an autographed postcard and a hand numbered certificate of authenticity. One thing is clear: With “Another Manic Episode”, Solar Fake are seriously upping the ante for club-compatible, melodic Electro-sounds!

      Album "Another Manic Episode":
      01 - Not what I wanted
      02 - Fake to be alive
      03 - All the things you say
      04 - Under control
      05 - Observer
      06 - Until it's over
      07 - The race of the rats
      08 - If I were you
      09 - I don't want you in here
      10 . Stay

      CD 2
      01 - Somebody told me
      02 - ...
      03 - If I were you (you can't break me - version by Peter Spilles - Project Pitchfork)
      04 - Under control (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
      05 - I don't want you in here (Remix by Desireless and operation of the sun)
      06 - The race of the rats (Broken Soldiers Project Remix)
      07 - Fake to be alive (Ten after dawn Remix)
      08 - Observer (Saprozoon Remix)
      09 - Under control (proxy_view Remix)

    dkk 140/eur 18