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Kirlian Camera
Cold Pills
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Kill Shelter & Antipole
A Haunted Place
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    Portion Control
    "Seed Compiled "

    "Seed Compiled" brings all three releases of the online only EPs together. This trilogy of hard hitting, simply crushing, beat-driven electronic music will hit you right in the guts. It´s uncompromising and raw brutality is almost like a mirror of society over the past year with lockdowns/isolation and frustration.

    Seed Compiled comes at you in full force. Portion Control themselves need no further introduction as true legends in the industrial/electronic scene. Portion Control has been a huge source of inspiration for acts like Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly just to name a few. With "Seed Compiled" they show that they today, 40 years after they formed, are still a vital and driving power within the industrial/electronic scene.

    Released exclusively via Progress Productions worldwide. Comes in a 6pg Digipak. Out 09-04-21
    1. Telekinesis.V2
    2. Crystal
    3. White Rose
    4. Martial
    5. Revealation
    6. Gloat
    7. Seek
    8. Realm
    9. Devour

    1. Possession
    2. Traitor
    3. Move
    * Short range series *
    4. West
    5. Hold
    6. Order
    7. HateMe
    8. Cured
    9. PK01
    10. Scorn
    11. Still
    12. Unwanted
    13. Chain (Short-Range Long Form)

dkk 140/eur 18