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      The Frozen Autumn
      "The Fellow Traveller"

      Label: Echozone (2017)

      Since their first demo release in 1994, THE FROZEN AUTUMN have established themselves as one of the most iconic electro dark wave bands worldwide.
      Following their latest, highly successful album "Chirality" (2011) and the Vinyl-only EP "Liein Wait" (2014), the new longplayer "The Fellow Traveller" impressively presents again the band's individual style in this genre which some may call "Frozen Wave".
      As on their previous releases, Diego and Froxeanne take turns again when singing the vocal parts of the eleven tracks, similar to the early Clan Of Xymox albums. Especially due to the intense and charismatic vocal performances mixed with catchy arrangements, the album is designed to dive into the dark-melancholic universe of the band's own style.
      The songs on "The Fellow Traveller" are written for classic album listeners without the need for genretypical clichees, though the songs are very sophisticatedly arranged and produced to match the band's very own quality level and style. The tracks are both danceable and athmospheric with
      a pleasently 80s flair included. The album also contains tracks - in very DIFFERENT versions –from the Vinyl-only Picture-LP ‘Lie in Wait’ [2014].
      The new album will definitely further increase the bands already high international reputation, which is also manifested by worldwide concerts and festival performances.
      01 Tomorrow's Life [06:19]
      02 White on White (Album Version) [03:42]
      03 We'll fly away (Long Version) [05:56]
      04 Told you at once [04:35]
      05 Your Touch (Album Version) [06:26]
      06 A gentle Flame [06:19]
      07 Grey Metal Wings [07:49]
      08 Sirens and Stargazers [03:30]
      09 The Twin Planet [06:20]
      10 I Love you but I've chosen Synthesizers [06:52]
      11 Loving the Alien [05:29]