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    Electro Strip
    "Electro Strip"

    The Danish/Norwegian Act Electro Strip - consisting of Eskil Hindrum and Tao Turéll - started making music in 2010 and the following years (2014) the duo released a few songs on You Tube. Meanwhile, they worked hard on finalizing their self-titled debut album, which is now finally released as very limited CD and as digital release on Bandcamp.
    Electro Strip´s music is a blend of industrial, dance music, electro, techno, metal and rhythm'n'noise - an album with a lot variation that will please many listeners of electronic music.
    The album contains 9 danceable songs with a variety of different guest vocalists. The opening track "XXX" is a harsh electronic tune with vocals done by metal singer JP.
    The tracks "2CB" and "Push It" - with vocals by Nina Io of the Danish/Canadian band Neonsol - are some of the highlights on the album. Other higlights include the song "Wet Wild And Horny" where Electro Strip show that they have a lot of humor in their music, the trance techno influenced track "Fetish Dreams" and the track "Fuck It" which holds many rhyth'n'noise elements - a strong track with inspiration from acts like Greyhound and Manufactura.
    The final track on the album "A Very Tiny Sneaking Suspicion" is a very danceable tune with a Hard Style/ trance techno sound.
    Electro Strip's album has a fresh sound - and loads of variation, irony and energy.
    Written by Brain, October 2018
    1. XXX 04:20
    2. Unlimited Speed 02:57
    3. 2CB 04:27
    4. I love this shit 04:37
    5. Push it 05:09
    6. Wet Wild And Horny 03:51
    7. Fetish Dreams 05:28
    8. Fuck it 04:22
    9. A Very Tiny Sneaking Suspicion

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