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      On his long player number four, Rummelsnuff?s eclectic genre mix is as versatile as ever to maximum effect: fragile ballads meet harsh walls of guitar, songs about remorseless battles go hand in hand with descriptions of unconditional humility ? there is nary a human trait or emotion that this man cannot set to music and he has the talent for always finding adventurous new ways to draw the listener into his world. At the very core, Rummelsnuff makes music for men (?and sympathisers), though. No matter whether he tackles the ideal background music for heavy weight lifting, beer tents or bbq parties, songs about heavy stuff or bad eggs, about hard workers or underachievers, about animal role playing, true love or the raw ocean waters and the awakening Spring? in all of his songs a man can still unashamedly flaut his masculinity. This time around, the captain is joined by his regular crew of vocal mate Christian Asbach and master Gohlke on the electrified guitar, as well as by an illustrious assortment of guests: he is marooned on the island of the cannibal King Khan with Bela B. of ?Die Ärzte?-fame, goes for a bout of sumo wrestling with the metalheads from Japanische Kampfhörspiele and gets some Thuringian vocal support from Häusi Eisenkumpel in the Father?s Day anthem ?Bratwurstzange.? And as you cannot really stand on one leg alone and it is always exciting what other people will do to your songs if you let them, ?Kraftgewinn? features a second disc of remixes from friends, sympathisers and collaborators: Luci van Org, Jeans Team, Italian EBM-legend Pankow, Leaether Strip, K.I.Z.-side project WassBass, Falco-songwriter Steve van Velvet and Tomas Tulpe have all brought their own unique touches to the captain?s tunes making ?Kraftgewinn? an even more adventurous journey. Any lad or lass will find something to love or hate unconditionally on this record? there is only one thing that the friendly bouncer Rummelsnuff will not allow: boredom! Thus?join the boat? the captain will take you on a journey.
      Include a remix by Leæther Strip.
      1. Gerüstbauer
      2. Bratwurstzange
      3. Armdrücker
      4. Yokozuna
      5. Der Käpt'n nimmt dich mit
      6. Salutare
      7. Minderleister
      8. Hundmann
      9. Schiffbruch (Bela KingKhan)
      10. Poi Soldat
      11. Rummelkäpt'n 2013

      1. Pumper (Tua Remix)
      2. Salutare (Pankow XIII-G-XXII FM Remix)
      3. Der Heizer (Leaether Strip Remix)
      4. Die Arbeit (WassBass Remix)
      5. Hundmann (Steve Van Velvet Remix)
      6. Kumpel, Glück auf! (Monostabil Remix)
      7. La Rochelle (Maeckes Remix)
      8. Bratwurstzange (Jeansteam Remix)
      9. Winterlied (Leaether Strip Remix)
      10. Gerüstbauer (Luci Van Org Remix)
      11. Halt durch! (WassBass Remix)
      12. Wenn du aus dem Leben schwindest (Tomas Tulpe Remix)

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