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    Solar Fake
    "You Win. Who Cares"

    Solar Fake demonstrates on „You Win. Who Cares?“ the balance between roots fidelity and light evolution for a better effort. The new songs take the fans on an intense trip through the shadow gallery of society.

    Where „Another Manic Episode“ found its big final, „You Win. Who Cares?“ continues and takes music and lyrics to the next level. Powerfull beats and electronics mix up with bittersweet piano parts to an emotional cocktail to give feelings such as aggression, resignation, power, vulnerability, weakness and anger the right expression, always supported by the deep lyrics. An album that reflects our daily lives and offers you a break from the world for a while.
    CD 1
    1) Sick of you
    2) Wrong direction
    3) A bullet left for you
    4) Invisible
    5) Anything you want
    6) The pain that kills you too
    7) Just like this
    8) Too late
    9) If this is hope
    10) I don't fight back
    11) What if there's nothing

    CD 2
    1) Papillon (Editors Cover)
    2) Fuck U (Archive Cover)
    3) The pain that kills you too (Mr.Kitty Remix)
    4) Just like this (Patenbrigade Wolff Remix)
    5) A bullet left for you (Ost Front Remix)
    6) Too late (In Strict Confidence Remix)
    7) The pain that kills you too (Adam is a Girl Remix)
    8) Wrong direction (Random Starlight Remix)
    9) If this is hope (Era Nocturna & Heavenly Creatures Remix)

dkk 140/eur 18