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      Various Artists
      "The Early Days "

      Label: Unter Schafen (2017)

      Outstanding (No bootleg!) compilation! Let's dance to Joy Division, indeed! The King Kong Kicks –DJ-Crew rewind to the 80's, press the play button and compile the re-discovery. Tracks, which accompanied us through big times, gently summarized in a new tension field, without loosing the juvenile eccentricity.
      "The Early Days" is written on the wrapper, which could hardly be more up-to-date. 8-hole docs and rivet belts go well these days and so do "The Early Days" dance nights, which for 3 years aside the big monkey euphorically, confidently move through the clubs, rather visited by the hip kids than the over 30 brit popper.
      The tracklisting spans from the old heroes The Cure, Joy Division or Bauhaus, features gems from Chrome, Wire or The Chameleons and ends with the newer adepts like The Foals or Crystal Castles.
      A1 Joy Division – Transmission 03:35
      A2 The Cure - Jumping someone else's Train 02:55
      A3 The Bravery - Any honest Mistake 03:41
      A4 Foals - Two Steps twice 04:41
      A5 Ideal - Blaue Augen 03:29
      A6 Profil – Berühren 03:29
      B1 Martha and the Muffins - Echo Beach 03:38
      B2 Pixies - Where's My Mind 03:52
      B3 The Faint - The Geeks were right 02:55
      B4 Editors - All Sparks 03:33
      B5 The Chameleons - View from a Hill 06:38
      C1 Wire - Outdoor Men 02:50
      C2 UV Pop – Serious 03:46
      C3 Crystal Castles – Crimewave 02:52
      C4 The Robocop Kraus - Fake Boys 03:37
      C5 The Jesus and Mary Chain - Some Candy talking 03:18
      C6 Chrome - In a Dream 05:08
      D1 Bauhaus - She's in Parties 03:55
      D2 Ski Patrol - Agent Orange 04:18
      D3 Tuxedomoon - No Tears 05:41
      D4 Sad Lovers and Giants – Things we never did 04:08
      D5 The Sound – Resistance 02:47

    dkk 120/eur 16