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    "Unbeugsam (Best Of & Rarities 2007-2017)"

    Label: Trisol Music (2017)

    this double album is not an ordinary best-of affair that's more or less useless for a dedicated follower of any band. While this Industrial incubus is retrospectively wreaking havoc on the first CD and is wildly thrashing through the first ten years, album two comes as a real treasure for all sonic soldiers and girls in uniform. It solely consists of rarities and of songs from sold-out and sought-after releases, a special highlight of course being the tracks from the "Kunst ist Krieg", the first NACHTMAHR release ever! Once limited to a mere 999 items, this remarkable debut quickly became one of the most eligible collector's items in the entire Industrial/Electro genre. Even all those years ago, an unprecedented aural force gave a first taste of the storm that was already then brewing at the horizon. The rest is history...

    Further nightmares are fuelled by the all-new songs "Feiert das Fleisch" and "Schlag zu!", allowing a devastating first glimpse into the menacing new era of this all-devouring creature. Additionally, two extensive and elaborate booklets guarantee yet another visual feast. Everybody familiar with this project is aware of the importance of its visual language. Often copied, never outgunned - yet another front at which NACHTMAHR is the true pioneer. The first booklet takes the stunned beholder on a tour through the artworks and photo campaigns of these past ten years, refined by many rare pictures from the very early days. Booklet two captivates with a wild ride through the NACHTMAHR forays into the world's clubs and festival stages, once more remarkably highlighting this Industrial revolution. For the very beginning, NACHTMAHR was so much more than music, so much more than a massive sound binging everyone to their knees. NACHTMAHR is a philosophy and a way of life, an ideology of its own. In this context, the "Unbeugsam" retrospective is an impressive demonstration of power, the biography of an emperor - uncomfortable, unrelenting, unfaltering!
    CD1 ("Meilensteine"):

    Mein Name (remastered)
    Tanzdiktator (remastered)
    Weil ich's kann (remastered)
    Mörder (remastered)
    Wir schreiben Geschichte (remastered)
    Can you feel the beat? (remastered)
    Verräter an Gott (remastered)
    Mütterchen Russland (remastered)
    Tradition (remastered), Ich bin (remastered)
    Liebst du mich? (remastered)
    I hate Berlin (remastered)
    Die Fahnen unserer Väter (remastered)
    Tanzt für mich (remastered)
    Strenge Liebe (remastered)
    Kampfbereit (remastered)
    Katharsis (remastered)

    CD2 ("Rarititäten")

    Feiert das Fleisch (exclusive)
    Schlag zu! (exclusive)
    Feuer frei! (remastered)
    Deus Ex Machina (remastered)
    Boom Boom Boom (remastered)
    Ein Spiel (remastered)
    EinHundertAcht (remastered)
    NullDrei (remastered)
    Schwarzflug (remastered)
    Unsterblich (remastered)
    I believe in blood (remastered)
    Mädchen in Uniform (remastered)
    Titanic (remastered)
    El Chupacabra (remastered)
    Wo ist dein Gott? (remastered)
    Geräuschplatten (remastered)
    Nenn mich wie du willst (remastered)

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