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Lionhearts (Seabound)
Funker Vogt
Code Of Conduct
Savage Sinusoid
Savage Sinusoid (Vinyl)
The Birthday Massacre
Under Your Spell (Vinyl)
The Birthday Massacre
Under Your Spell
Alien Vampires
Evil Lasts Forever, 6CD Box
Ruined Conflict
Night Idyll (Vinyl)


      Three years after his eponymous debut, Mobthrow finally opens (or rather, unfolds) the door to his second full length album. Both a sequel of things we had heard before and the unveiling of completely new directions, "Unfolded" is a work whose main adjectives are deep, soulful and harmonious.

      Since his first album, Angelos Liaros (Mobthow) has had many opportunities to extend and develop his music: working full-time as a sound-designer and mastering engineer, relocating to the hub of electronic music that is Berlin, amassing more and more musical gear and playing shows all over Europe. The evocative and very lush instrumentation at the core of his first album still forms the ground-work of "Unfolded", branches out in many directions but doesn't forget its roots. This sophomore work sees Mobthrow gain in maturity, depth and range while still marrying cinematic moods and percussive moments, as we have learned to expect.

      The many-faceted "Unfolded" should be approached as a journey through sounds as much as through atmospheres: its early tracks link back to Mobthrow's opulent, beat-driven past material ("Black Fluid", "Mystical Forest", slowly replaced by a much more analog-sounding tones and grainy synthesis ("Nu Nepal", "Midnight Dub Radio"). Even in its calmer moments, the progression Mobthrow displays here is obvious, from "Our Minds As One"'s exotic samples to modern-retro feelings of "Above The Rim Of The Earth" (a new collaboration with Subheim) and the hopeful "Athens Bleeding".