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Suicide Commando
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    The Natural Disasters

    Label: Nordsea Records (2020)

    After two split releases, The Natural Disasters is finally ready with a full-length album. Tormenta, which consists of eight tracks in dark, heavy, pulsating and guitar-driven goth rock, lands both digitally and as a physical 12 ”gatefold LP on May 29.

    La Tormenta ha llegado!

    The Natural Disasters started out in 2017 under the name TerreMoto with the first of two split albums. Actually, it should have been a standalone project, but as new tracks subsequently took shape, it became another split album, MareMoto, just a year and a half later. Here both the band name The Natural Disasters as well as the sound, now firmly founded in unmistakable and gloomy goth rock, were established. It was here that Alioscha Brito-Egaña learned that his love for the genre should be the foundation going forward. So with Gothic rock as the mainstay and natural disasters as a pervasive thematic thread, the track was like chalking up The Natural Disasters in 2020 and the current album.

    With Tormenta, Alioscha Brito-Egaña has again recorded most of the instruments himselfe. And as with his predecessor MareMoto, he has allied himself with the three prominent vocalists Anna Sharifi (UON), Trine Trash (Fastpoholmen, ex BeurreNoir!) And Tomas Karlsbjerg (ex Sloppy Wrenchbody). All three delivered outstanding performances on the last release, and with Tormenta they follow up with their own personal input to the respective songs.

    Tormenta is recorded, produced and mixed in Kizio Studio. Mastering by Morten Bue. Artwork and layout by Phoebus Moreleón. Vinyl LP via North Sea Records. The album is out on all digital platforms as well as physically on May 29th.

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