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Pouppee Fabrikk
Pouppee Fabrikk
Pouppee Fabrikk
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The Birthday Massacre
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      She Past Away

      Label: Fabrika Records (2020)

      Limited edition of strictly 1010, hand-numbered copies on [black] DOUBLE VINYL, in Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve with special gloss varnish!
      She Past Away delivered for the last decade a defining work, reinventing successfully dark wave sound.
      This special release is like a gathering, a private party of the most beloved bands of the current Goth- and Electro scene, in order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of SPA with a Bang! She Past Away forgoes the simplicity & traditionalism of goth rock instead adopting a more avant-garde set of sensibilities & diverse influences to create a new take on modern gloom. To celebrate the band's first decade, She Past Away presents 'X'. Featuring remixes from a vast array of influential artists, such as The Soft Moon, Front 242, Clan of Xymox, Ash Code,
      Lebanon Hanover, Boy Harsher, Selofan, Martial Canterel and many more! These befriended artists offer us their own perspective on their favorite SPA key tracks. Also included are two new, exclusive re-makes by SHE PAST AWAY
      A1 Rituel (The Soft Moon Remix)
      A2 Asimilasyon (FM Attack Remix)
      A3 Ruh (Dear Deer Cover)
      A4 Kasvetli Kutlama (Tobias Bernstrup Remix)
      B1 Durdu Dunya (Boy Harsher Remix)
      B2 Sanri (Clan of Xymox/Ronny Moorings Remix)
      B3 Kasvetli Kutlama (Martial Canterel Remix)
      B4 La Maldade (She Past Away Oscura Mix)
      C1 Kasvetli Kutlama (Front 242/P. Codenys' Night Creatures Remix)
      C2 Katasis (Ash Code Remix)
      C3 Narin Yalnizlik (She Past Away Sahra Mix)
      C4 Izole (Lebanon Hanover apocLIPTIC Remix)
      C5 Disko Anksiyete (Rendez Vous Remix)
      D1 Soluk (Kill Shelter Remix)
      D2 Sonbahar (Antipole & Paris Alexander Remix)
      D3 Renksiz (Selofan Remix)
      D4 Hayaller (Clan of Xymox/Mario Usai Remix)

    dkk 180/eur 24