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The Fellow Traveller
The Devil & The Universe
Folk Horror
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    Circuito Cerrado

    From the mastermind behind mexico based "C-lekktor" comes this new industrial sonic assault: "Circuito Cerrado" (spanish for Closed Circuit).
    With the full force of Power Noise and elements of EBM and Hardcore Music, this mexican duo composed of „Markko" and „Psyklon" bring this new project! If you like acts like SAM, FabriC, Reaper or Alien Vampires this is yours! The characteristic sound of mexican industrial music, armed with 15 sound blasting tracks. „Distorment“ gives you a balanced dose of consistently contagious floor-stomping tracks! These guys deliver a solidly aggressive first full-length marching to the beat of no one else than their own! This is not a virus, this is not war, this is not hatred, this is pure electronic torture… this is Circuito Cerrado!

    01 Instrucciones
    02 Distortment
    03 Shit happens
    04 Noize in the sky
    05 Every kind of taste
    06 Minuto de silencio (ruido)
    07 Tu alma
    08 Dance motherfkers
    09 Bad girls go to hell
    10 K-os
    11 Liebe macht blind
    12 Atmos-fear
    13 Badass bass
    14 Mono emotions
    15 Schlaflied
    16 Stand and fight

dkk 50/eur 7