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Of The Wand & The Moon
Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness
Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
The Missing Fragments
Thin Skies
Thin Skies
Kirlian Camera
Invisible Front
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      "Rhythm Age"

      This important project which has continually displayed a will for development and innovation has turned 20, along with this landmark anniversary Tim Kniep and Philipp M√ľnch a.k.a. Synapscape present their tenth full length album 'rhythm age'. This release is the result of a four year process which has included a huge assemblage of selection, refusal and revision concerning musical influences, instrumentation and stylistic shape. This detailed and time-consuming method of production is audible on every note of this milestone in Synapscape's evolution. as the album title suggests, 'Rhythm Age' is focused on most different beat variations, ranging from straight and distorted to technoid, complex and even broken. These manifold rhythmic textures build a solid foundation for both atmospheric and powerful electronic landscapes, solid bass lines, nuanced lead synths, and Tim Kniep's distinctive processed voice. Stylistically, Synapscape ventured from the often used formulaic norm of the industrial genre from the very beginning into different territories - 'rhythm age' provides an even more detailed insight into this project's musically varied sound-design. The thirteen tracks introduce an inimitable combination of rhythmic industrial, idm, electroclash and experimental tunes with the hard-to-define, special character of Synapscape's work approach. This album is an outstanding arc of suspense whose many facets will show up after repeated listening - a merging of modern versus ancient, as digital and analogue as music can get. Welcome to the rhythm age!
      01. Rhythm
      02. Moon
      03. Loop
      04. Ufure
      05. Fonk
      06. Them
      07 Fields
      08. Phos
      09. Earth
      10. Ways
      11. Rank
      12. Seat
      13. Sol

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