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Pouppee Fabrikk
Pouppee Fabrikk
Pouppee Fabrikk
The Birthday Massacre
The Birthday Massacre
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      Pete Crane (Shiv-R)
      "That Annihilated Place"

      Well known for fronting the industrial-electro band SHIV-R, which since 2010 has released 4 full-length albums and toured extensively throughout over 20 countries worldwide including festivals such as WGT (Germany), Kinetik (Canada), Mechanismus (USA) and Infest (UK),
      Pete Crane now presents a solo, self-titled project of instrumental industrial club music. Further to SHIV-R, Pete Crane has recorded numerous guest appearances and remixes for artists such as REAPER, MEKOTAM, EXTIZE and MORIS BLAK, worked extensively with AMELIA ARSENIC as a writer and producer, and has contributed electronics to OUR LAST ENEMY. Further to being a music creator and performer, Pete Crane also co-runs the record label BLIND MICE PRODUCTIONS and has DJed in clubs globally. Pete Crane’s debut album “That Annihilated Place” will be released on 6 March 2020 on CD Digital by Infacted Recordings, with the first single “You Are Not Your Body” (including remixes by Xotox, Moris Blak.
      1. Great But Not Forgotten
      2. You Are Not Your Body
      3. Hate Is All I Have
      4. Together We Suffer
      5. Fear
      6. At The End Of All Things
      7. Messed Up
      8. Inviolate
      9. Seven
      10. Bellows From The Deep
      11. Self-Destruct
      12. Three Phase

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