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      "Dependence 2017 "

      Is there a point in doing a label compilation in 2017, in the age of Spotify, automated Playlists, YouTube Overload and general lack of time of the audience? We still believe strongly that there is a point in compilations, when the material and its quality is right.

      On September 15th, Dependence 2017, the new label compilation of the German premiere industrial label Dependent is being released. As always the compilation is full with exclusive tracks and mixes of the Dependent label repertoire, but hardly ever could we assemble and deliver so many strong and so diverse songs on one single disc: The atmospheric electronic composition of the soundtrack VOLT by Alec Empire sets a moody intro to be sharply contrasted by Dependent spearhead acts like Covenant & MESH. Long awaited and unreleased tracks from the Seabound side projects Edge Of Dawn & Ghost & Writer lead from Synthpop to the critically acclaimed modern industrial debut of 2nd Face to the hi-octane trance industrial maelstrom from This Morn' Omina back to the Electronic Pop cover version of the old Kinks rock classic "(Girl) You Really Got Me" by Spectra*PARIS. The exciting new Dismantled side project Lizver & The Tree delivers a great first peek into their forthcoming debut just like the Italian cult electronic act Kirlian Camera give us a first glimpse onto their next album "Hologram Moon". Newcomers Ginger Snap5, Radioaktivists and Our Banshee deliver strong contributions that will certainly see a lot of club attention. Quite honestly, we are more than just a little proud on the mix, the flow and the new additions to our Dependent Label Roster. So, to wrap this up, Dependence 2017 represents a fusion of various electronic styles, an exciting sonic helicopter-style trip through the rich and diverse label program of one of the most renowned European Industrial labels. And it additionally offers a solid sneak peek into the next months of our releases. Which playlist can offer that much?

      Release date: 15.09.2017

      01. Alec Empire – Now It’s Between You And GD (Version)
      02. Our Banshee – Undone To The Light (3rd Revision Mix)
      03. Ginger Snap5 - I Disappear (Club Version)
      04. Covenant - Dies Irae (Version)
      05. Kirlian Camera - ABSENTEE II
      06. RADIOAKTIVISTS – I Want You
      07. 2nd Face – Insanity (Assimilate)
      08. This Morn’ Omina - Ayahuasca (Lets Shift Together) (CCF)
      09. Lizver & The Tree - Puppet
      10. Edge Of Dawn – Just Someone
      11. Spectra Paris – Girl, You Really Got Me
      12. MESH – Runway (Tim Callaghan Mix)
      13. Lionhearts – To What I Don’t Know (Version)
      14. Fix8:Sed8 – Baptism Of Fire
      15. Dismantled – The Hero
      16. Ghost & Writer – Dearly Damaged
      17. Acretongue - Abacus

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