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    Dirk Geiger
    "11 Morgen"

    ‘Elf Morgen‘ is Dirk Geiger‘s third album and second for tympanik audio following ‘Autumn Fields‘ in 2010 and the companion digital remix collection ‘second life‘ in 2011. Where ‘Autumn Fields‘ exhibited the more experimental side of Geiger’s vision, ‘Elf Morgen‘ proves to be a more accessible outing, offering the listener nine gorgeous new songs that flow effortlessly with subtle grace and intelligent design. ‘Elf Morgen‘ finds Dirk Geiger hitting his stride, unveiling an even more mature and professional-sounding approach to electronic music composition. elegant atmospheres encompass infectious, trip-hop and down-tempo beats, driven by such expressive melodies, liberal moments of field recordings, and dreamy synth patterns. This is Dirk Geiger‘s finest hour – recommended. features a collaboration with Erode and remixes by Tapage and Anklebiter. packaging: 4-panel digipak.

dkk 50/eur 7