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      Ruined Conflict
      "A Voice For The Voiceless"

      Often compared to bands such as VNV Nation, Ruined Conflict once more proves that they deliver way more than simple future pop. The new album A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS is a massive blend of Synth-Pop to Electro-Rock with the outstanding vocal performance of singer and frontman Xavier Morales. 13 new masterpieces together on one strong new album release! Diversity and change are the theme of the new songs. Their music is aggressive and melodic at the same time and new musical influences arrive right in time to make RUINED CONFLICT sound even fresher than ever before! Infacted is pleased to release the bands third album to date before bringing the band to Europe for the first time to play the famous WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2016!
      01 Me and the Devil Blues (feat. Shamoozey)
      02 Scarred
      03 A Voice for the Voiceless
      04 Prolonged Detention
      05 Diversify
      06 Remembrance
      07 Awaken
      08 Freedom
      09 Thimb War (Original)
      10 Moving on
      11 Social Rejects
      12 Break away
      13 After the Storm

    dkk 120/eur 16