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Lights Of Euphoria
Altered Voices
Zero One Seven
Frame Of Mind
Return From The World´s End
Only Melodies Remain
Christoph Schaue
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      The Beauty Of Gemina
      "Skeleton Dreams "

      Label: TBOG (2020)

      12 new tracks, a special remix and one of Sele’s rare cover versions fully reflect the fascinating and unmistakeable mix of warm, hypnotic blues, ambient melancholia, and earthy, indie-influenced folk that fans have come to know and love over the years. The songs are full of vitality and intensity, sometimes energetic, sometimes celestial - pure, innocent and reduced to their bare essentials – but are always full of power and poetry. Each song is carried by the pleasingly dark timbre of Michael's voice and the tangible charisma he transmits.
      Rarely has a voice been so multi-faceted and full of presence, have melodies been so revealing, absorbing and yet
      somehow unconventional and full of contradictions, and song structures and arrangements more familiar and catchier
      while still being unique and hard to pin down.
      Tracks: 01 A Night like this 02 Naked 03 Maybe God knows 04 Friends of Mine 05 Resurgence 06 Where has it all
      gone 07 Rainbow Man 08 Dark Suzanne 09 Nine while Nine 10 I come to Grief 11 Apologise 12 The World is going on
      13 Hold on to this Night 14 Where has it all gone (DESERT mix)

    dkk 120/eur 16