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      Rabia Sorda
      "Animales Salvajes"

      Rabia Sorda are back … and the name of their new EP, which would translate into „wild beasts“ in English, is pretty much programmatic for all the infernal new songs. „Animales Salvajes“ offers up four new sonically explosive charges, as well as three club-compatible remixes.

      The new Rabia-Sorda-record almost feels like an exorcism conducted through music: Hocico-shouter Erk Aicrag completely unleashes his inner animal, thus charging up his bastard lovechild of Electro, Punk and New Wave with even more aggression than ever before. One would certainly not be accusing Rabia Sorda as ever being anything akin to a tame lamb, but the four new songs certainly surpass anything they ever did before in regard to pure, unfiltered anger. Drums are pounding away with unrelenting aggression to thundering electronic basses, while searing guitar riffs are cutting through this tsunami of sound like an out-of-control buzz-saw. Erk is beserking away like he is trying to purge all of his inner demons only to replace them with even mightier ones. Be it “Die In Berlin”, “I'm Tragedy”, “We're Here To Win” or the wrathful thunderstorm “Obey Me!” - Rabia Sorda are going wild like never before, one can almost feel the onslaught Erk and his band will unleash in a live show with these songs... so join the fight, the Electro-pogo is on! As a special icing on this cake made of barbed wire, the band is adding three club-compatible remixes made by friends to the package. Call it Electroclash, Synth-Punk or Electrocore … it presses, it rages, it obliterates anything that stands in its way – and it is darn addictive! Unleash your inner beastie!!

      Track Listing:
      1. Obey Me! (Promises of Monsters)
      2. Die in Berlin
      3. We’re Here to Win
      4. I’m Tragedy
      5. Animales Salvajes
      6. Die in Berlin (remixed by Unzyme)
      7. Die in Berlin (remixed by Hardwire)
      8. Die in Berlin (remixed by Larva)

    dkk 80/eur 10