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      Patenbrigade Wolff
      "Der Brigadier trinkt immer noch Bier!"

      Label: Zweick Recordings (2017)

      - Lim. 8-Track-CD (lim. to 300 pcs., numbered)
      - Double Size Bier Coaster (16 x 11 cm, lim. to 500 pcs., numbered)
      - Barf Bag

      since 2012 everbody knows that the brigadier drinks beer – now, five years later, there’s an update: the brigadier drinks more beer! p:w present this exciting follow-up 8 track ep which is numbered and limited to 300 copies – the package includes the cd itself, a double size beer coaster, and a barf bag for those who aren’t real brigadiers. cheers!

      1. Der Brigadier trinkt Bier (DBtinB! Mix 2017) 2. Der Getränkelieferant 3. Der Brigadier trinkt Bier (Alkopop Mix by TINNEF) 4. Beck's on the Beach 5. Fernet Branca 6. Die Inspektorin trinkt gern Wein 03:36 7. Saufen ist gesund! 8. Der Brigadier trinkt Bier! (Abgestandene, schale Version) 05:18

    dkk 80/eur 10