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Lost In Infinity
Frontline Assembly
Wake up The Coma
Frontline Assembly
Wake up The Coma
Culture Kultur
Into The All
Ghost Nocturne
Eden Synthetic Corps
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      The Firm Incorporated

      Revived from the ruins“ or „good things need time“ could be the sum up of the collaboration of Funker Vogt original member and former singer Jens Kästel with Guido Henning and Jan Abraham of "E-Craft" fame. Formed in winter 2014 already their first limited single release, „Abgebrannt" did proof where the journey will lead them to! The end of april 2016 will now see the release of the first full-length „Veritas“ on Infacted Recordings. „No prisoners will be taken“ is the line of approach… „Veritas“ for sure is one of the electro/ebm highlights in early 2016 with harsh songs about friendship, disappointment and courage which find their way directly into your brain.

      01 Am Anfang (Intro)
      02 BUTF (Brotherhood & Unity)
      03 Geschichten ohne Wert
      04 Schluss mit lustig
      05 Reflektion
      06 Projektil
      07 Leben (Speed)
      08 Abgebrannt (Album Version(
      09 BoXxXer
      10 Schuld
      11 Feuer (Album Version)
      12 Frei

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